Gilbert Marshall leaves the band

MAGIC PIE regret to inform that original keyboard player/singer/songwriter GILBERT MARSHALL has left the band.

There is no drama in Gilbert’s decision and he is leaving the band as a friend.
Gilbert has been in Magic Pie since the earliest formation of the band. As a keyboard wizard, excellent songwriter, a phenomenal singer and friend, Gilbert has been a vital part of creating the unique sound Magic Pie is known for.

Gilbert will be missed in the band - both by the other five guys and by friends and fans of the band.
Magic Pie will start the difficult hunt for a new band member shortly.

Gilbert says:

By Jan T. Johannessen
Updated: 8/14/2012

Gilbert says:

Whoa! 10 years of Magic Pie has been an amazing journey. Who would have thought that a bunch of guys from little Moss in Norway would be able to reach out to so many friends and fans of music?
10 years and 3 albums - it perhaps doesn't look like the band is rushing the creativeness, but in fact the process of making a Magic Pie album is hard work and requires serious personal engagement.

I have come to an understanding that I am at a stage where I need to focus on several other important parts of my life. Continuing being a piece of the Magic Pie consequently sooner or later will come in conflict with issues at hand. Sorry to say!
I am leaving Pie – No drama at all, and profoundly sad for me after all these years, indeed.
This has been a very tough, but also a very well thought through decision to make on my part.
The band is planning more commitments for the next couple of years, and for various reasons, I am not in the position to make the same commitments and engagement with the band in this as the other MP members.
As soon as I realized the depth of this fact, in fairness to the rest of the guys, my decision was pretty much straight forward going.

I will definitely not stop working with music, but in the future it will be in a way that more closely will fit my then current situation in life and also my creative motions of desires going on at the time…

A big thank you to all past and present members of Magic Pie:
John, Allan, Kim, JT, Eirik, LP, Eirikur and Erling! It has been one fun and fierce roller coaster ride, Guys!
I have learned a lot through all the years and many wonderful times will always remain sweet in my memory.
Best of luck with the new album - I will see you around!!

And to all friends and fans out there: By being a member of Pie, I have experienced so much absolute heartfelt response to our music coming our way from all around, and I sincerely want to thank you.
I have met so many wonderful amazing people all along and I truly truly appreciate all the support, warmth and friendship throughout the 10 years of Pie pastry!
I will certainly miss being a part of Magic Pie through the memories of great gigs and great moments, connecting with people along the way making good things happen.

So long & Love to all
Gilbert Marshall

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