Magic Pie interview (USA)

MAGIC PIE interview- with new vocalist  Eirikur Hauksson ( Eric )
"Our journey has just began.  There is so much left to say and play and we want to do just that in your hometown.  And if we stick to our plan - we will have Magic Pie nr. IV already next year... be prepared !"

By Jan T. Johannessen
Updated: 1/30/2011

MAGIC PIE interview- with new vocalist        
Eirikur Hauksson ( Eric )

1) Congratulations on the release of the new album "The Suffering Joy", Magic Pie's third release. Tell us a little of what Magic Pie has been doing between the last release "Circus Of Life" leading up to the writing of the new album?

By the end of 2007 Alan Olsen threw in the towel and thatīs where I came in.  Alan is a friend of mine and when he called and explained the situation, he also meant that I would be the perfect match for the band.  I had only heard the band once earlier,- in 2005 when they warmed-up for us in Ken Hensleyīs Live Fire.  But after a week of listening to their two CDīs I was 100% sure that this was the thing for me. 2008 was the year of getting known.  We did some occasional gigs, aiming for the new stuff by autumn.  The release-target was sometime before Christmas 2009, but we had some issues to deal with and got delayed.  But the real blow was in March 2010 when our recording and rehearsal studio was destroyed in a fierce fire.  We lost all our gear and even some vocal and keyboard recordings went missing.  We felt like we were cursed in some ways and were pretty close to giving up actually.  No-one spoke about it, but you could feel the tension.  But we got over the shock, and forced ourselves to finish our work... and here it is.  There is really no need saying it,- but we are very relieved and so happy that we were able to pull through and make it happen.

2) I want to commend Magic Pie for being around to see a third album, I guess that can be taken the wrong way, what I mean is being Magic Pie is completely unique in every aspect from the band name to the music being somewhere between a progressive metal band and a prog rock band does this make it tough to be "accepted" by either or both genres? What has the overall reaction to the band been so far in your career?

A lot of metal has flown through my veins, thatīs for sure.  I am raised on it and I hardly knew what prog-rock was until I met with Pie.  I think that has turned out positive for us.  I am not trying to become prog.  I sing Kimīs great melodies with my approach and where he gave me the freedom to create melodies of my own, I have obviously taken an advantage of my love for heavy metal. I think this is a great mixture.  Magic Pie has always been,- and always will be a band that sticks to - and survives due to its own unique style.  There is something for everyone in our music and thatīs how we want it to be.  In our music the winds blows from all direction and youīll never know whatīs lurking behind the next curve. This is of course at the risk of not being accepted by those who want their bands to have a "one-way destination" attitude.  But hey, you canīt please everybody, but we have to please ourselves,- otherwise we canīt keep this going.  And new recruits are joining our army,- day by day... slowly but surely we shall conquer!

3) I personally think Magic Pie is BRILLIANT! The music is so dynamic and perfectly executed it's hard not to find something for everyone to like, tell us what goes on inside the heads of the band during the writing process.

Well, the writing process starts and ends with Kim Stenberg.  He composes the music and then we all make our influence and do some arrangents during rehearsals.  But you know with these long complicated songs, everyone has to be really patient,-  and the ability to look ahead and think creative is essential.  And letīs face it - this is the most giving period of them all.  It is creation.  Having the fully produced product in your hands and through your ears is a thrill of course, but nothing beats the pure satisfaction of witnessing the early evolution process.

4) Let's talk about the new album, "The Suffering Joy", once again another epic album in every sense. The music is moody and warm yet you get your prog metal on and shred when it calls for it. Tell us what your personal goal was with this album and to what audience is it most geared towards in your opinion?

The obvious goal for all of us was to make the best album so far,- and I think we have achieved just that.  My personal goal was to,- number one - blend in.   And as for number two, I wanted to make a real difference.  For the better or for the worse will be for others to judge.  But to make a difference... yeah - always!

5) Tell us some of the bands and artists (past and present) that influence Magic Pie?

The influences are probably as many as the band members are, multiplied x-times.  I think each and every listener should dig into our music and try to figure this for himself.  But always remember that the best influence is the one you are not aware of,- as a composer or as a musician... and as a listener!

6) To my ears, from "Motions Of Desire" to the new album I notice you stayed in the same vein bordering metal and rock but "The Suffering Joy" sounds to me like you wanted to push all parameters as it seems to be your most melodic, heavy, and progressive album yet, please comment.

Couldnīt agree more.  We want to push all the buttons.  We want to taste every brand of wine there is.  We want to blend colors in the most peculiar ways... and so on.  We want to move and challenge you out there.  We do not,- by any means want your ride to be an easy one.  It should be a roller-coaster with many curves and swings... and hopefully there is an happy ending at the end of the tunnel.

7) This might be too soon to ask but work with me. What can us Magic Pie fans expect for a 4th album? Any ideas or possible experiments in mind?

Like I just said... more on the edge.  The soft parts will be even softer - the heavy parts will be even heavier - the real prog-parts will be even more prog-crazy than before.  If you dare invite us in - we will deliver the goods!

8) Being Magic Pie is "unconventional" in the sense of being pigeon holed into one genre (prog rock, power metal, prog metal etc..) do you find it hard to get shows, and tours?

Yes it is hard.  And we are still in the back-yard, so to speak.  We get such a great response all over,- that is from those who know about us.  But we want more.  We want to go places, to have the chance to reveal the magic of the pie to the whole world. And the only way to do that is to have more shows and more tours.  We are ready - come and book us !!!

9) Is Magic Pie more of a project or is this the bands main priority musically keeping you all from needing day jobs?

I think we can call it a project. This is our dearest hobby.  I long for the day when I can focus only on Magic Pie, and you know... wishes do come true every once in a while.

10) Thank you for your time and letting The Metal Pulse pick your brain, I wish you all the well deserved success! I am a huge fan of the band, simply astonishing from the production to the songs, artwork etc... Please take a moment to say whatever you want to anyone involved in the journey and success of Magic Pie...the stage is now yours...

Our journey has just began.  There is so much left to say and play and we want to do just that in your hometown.  And if we stick to our plan - we will have Magic Pie nr. IV already next year... be prepared !

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