Cancellation and changes for the Release Concert

Sadly Magic Pie have to cancel the official release concert at John Dee, Oslo Thursday 27th January. One of the band members has a nasty spinal disc prolapse AND has a broken leg as well, hence the planned concert is impossible to achieve. Note: New concert 10th April and local release party 21th January is confirmed.

By Jan T. Johannessen
Updated: 1/6/2011

There will not be another specific release concert in Oslo, but a new ordinary concert at John Dee is set for Sunday 10th April.
More info will soon be announced at - please stay tuned !
Please note that existing tickets are also valuable for the concert  10th April. 
Those who are not able to attend the concert will be refunded according to Rockefeller/John Dee’s administrative routines.

In spite of the “change” a local release party, including an acoustic mini-concert, is set for 21th January at Queens Pub in Moss.
In addition to the bands performance, the new album “The Suffering Joy” will be played for the first time during the evening.
The album will also be up for pre-sale. Free entrance !

A musical promo is published on Youtube "Magic Pie - The Suffering Joy - Promo mix"

Best progressive regards
Magic Pie


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