Eirikur Hauksson

Lead vocals, guitars, keyboards

Birth: 4th July 1959

Hometown: Fredrikstad

Instrument: Lead vocals, guitars

My gear: Epiphone Les Paul model, Ovation 6 and 12 strings, Giss-guitar, Peavy Classic 50 amp, and whatever keyboards Gilbert allows me to touch !!!

Favourite singers: David Bowie

Musical influences: The Hard Rock of the70s Beatles, Bowie, Steve Harley, Ian Hunter just to name a few.

Favourite bands: Same as above

Favourite albums: Various ( Andrew Lloyd Webber )

Other: Ziggy Stardust, Another Return ( Artch )

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/eirikurhauksson

Private web:

E-mail: hauksson,eirikur@gmail.com

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