Norway - Newspaper articles
Moss Avis October 2014 - Mosseband i celebert selskap
Raumnes October 2014 - Magic Pie i toppsjiktet

Moss avis 11th March 2010 Norwegian) "The fire"
Fredrikstad Blad 17th March 2010
(Norwegian) "Eirikurs flaks i uflaks"
Moss Avis 15th August 2008 (Norwegian) "En magisk høst" 18th March 2008 (Norwegian) "..Varmer opp for Glenn Hughes i Oslo"
Moss Dagblad 15th February 2007 (Norwegian) "Årets artist 2007"
Moss-Avis 30th December 2007 (Norwegian) "Topprocker er klar for Magic Pie"
Fredrikstad Blad 30th December 2007 (Norwegian) "Eirikur til Magic Pie"
Moss Dagblad 30th December 2007 (Norwegian) "Eirikur Hauksson ny vokalist i Magic Pie")
Raumnes 18th December 2007 (Norwegian) "Smakfull Magic Pie"
Moss Dagblad 12th December 2007 (Norwegian) "Magic Pie på 3. Plass i USA"
Moss Avis 12th December 2007 (Norwegian) "Magic Pie på topp i USA"
Moss Dagblad 12th December 2007 (Norwegian) "Magic Pie rocker Oslo"
Moss Avis 3rd December 2007 (Norwegian) "MGP-helt prøves i Magic Pie"
Moss Dagblad 8th August 2007 (Norwegian) "Magisk musikk"
Moss Dagblad 26th July 2007 (Norwegian) "Gratis intimkonsert"
Moss Avis 16th June 2007 (Norwegian) "Magic Pie på Sweden Rock Festival"
Raumnes 24th April 2007 (Norwegian) "Magic Pie med nytt album"
Moss Avis 5th. April 2007 (Norwegian) "Ut i verden med progrock"
Moss Dagblad 22nd. April 2007 (Norwegian) "MP til Sweden Rock Festival"
Moss Avis 23rd. April 2007 (Norwegian) "Travle dager for progrockerne"
Moss Avis 15th. February 2007 (Norwegian) "Finpusser ny CD"
Moss Avis 3rd. March 2006 Magisk Rock på Tivoli (Norwegian)
Raumnes 11th. March 2006 "Fortsetter suksessen" (Norwegian)
Moss Avis 5th February 2006 "Årets Progrock Album" (Norwegian)
Moss Avis 21th. September 2005 "Store i utlandet" (Norwegian)
Dagbladet (Oslo) 22th. August 2005 "Nettmøte - Møt norges ukjente musikkeksport" (Norwegian)
Raumnes 4th. August 2005 "Verdenslanseres med Magic Pie" (Norwegian)
Moss Avis 26th. April 2005 "Nå er det alvor" (Norwegian)
Moss Dagblad 5th. September 2004 "Klubb 1 seiler videre" (Norwegian)

Foreign articles

Modern Drummer Magazine August 2006 (US) "Norwegian Veteran Making Progress" (The official site in the United States) "Magic Pie at Rosfest"


Intervview HEAVY METAL 30th March 2011


Interview TUNES (Norwegian) March 2008 (pdf) (

Interview Sweden Rock Magazine (Swedish) February 2008 (pdf)

Interview Prog Wereld Netherlands (Dutch) December 2007

Interview USA Progressive Music (English) October 2007

Interview Progplanet (English) July 2007

Interview Progressive Newsletter Germany (English) June 2007

Interview NRK Østfold (Norwegian June 2007)
(Formiddagssending 4/6-07 Time: 01:05:00 - 01:27:00)

Interview Sweden Rock Magazine (Sweden May 2007)

Studioreport Heavy Metal (Norway, March 2007)

Interview Music Street Journal (USA, October 2006, English)

Interview Streets Metal Webzine (Norway January 2006, Norwegian)

Interview (Norway December 2005)

Interview Sea of Tranquility
(USA October 2005)

TV-interview NRK WEB-TV (October 2005)

Interview by Progressive Newsletter, Germany (October 2005)

Interview by Swedish Rockprog (October 2005)

Online netmeeting Dagbladet
(August 2005, Norwegian)

Interview by Nucleus (Argentina)
(2005, English)

Interview by Metal Express Radio (2005, English)

Interview by Scream Magazine - jpg from magazine 1,5 MB (July 2005)

Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock (2008) 
Magic Pie is one of the best new prog bands out there.

Blogreview - Circus of Life - (English)
Magic Pie is one of the most interesting and beautiful prog bands of the new millenium.

Lastfm-Japan - (English/Japanese)
Blogspot - Autopoietican -  July 2007 (Spanish)
Magic Pie Discography - Chile May 2007 (English)
Blogspot review - Chile May 2007 (Spanish)
Blogreview  May 2007 (English)
Blogreview Rosfest USA May 2007 (English)
Blogreview - Motions of Desire (Norwegian)



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