Feel free to take advantage of our new SMS Newsletter service.

How to register:

All countries: Send MAGIC to +4560991000
Optional for Norway: Send MAGIC to 1963
Optional for Sweden: Send MAGIC to 72323
Optional for Denmark: Send MAGIC to 1980


By subscribing you will receive first hand information about concerts and important Magic Pie updates directly to your mobile phone via SMS.

The service is of course free of charge, and you are able to stop the service whenever you want.

When you register you will get a confirmation to your mobile phone.

How to stop the service:

Send MAGIC STOP to the short numbers above (the same number by which you registered the service) You can also stop the service by sending an e-mail to JT@magicpie.net and we will do it for you.

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The service is delivered by www.vianett.com
SMS billing
HLR lookup
2-way communication
More information: http://sms.vianett.com/



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