Date: 7th. October 2006
Country: Norway
Location: Notodden
Concert arena: Mot Støy Festival
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Review Imhotep (English)
...excellent one hour too short gig
...was out of this world
...think Pink Floyd at their best

Review (Norwegian)
...tremendous performance among metal heads
...impressive and brilliant guitar

Review (Norwegian)
...metalfans gaping in amazement
...interaction and individual performance was impressive

Aorguru (Norwegian)
...må være Norges beste prog band for tiden
...så massivt og stort at det gir gåsehud

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Date: 28th. September 2006
Country: Norway
Location: Oslo
Concert arena: Maiden - Alternative Club
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Review Prog4you (English)
...they played extremely well, adding life and emotion to their songs to the point of almost total revitalization
...Magic Pie is a band you really should see live

Review (Norwegian)
...the band has never been better
...Kim Stenberg among norwegian elite guitar players of norwegian most exiting bands

Review Backstage (Magazine, Norwegian)


Date: 27th. May 2006
Country: Norway
Location: Stavanger
Concert arena: Folken, Supporting Magenta (UK)
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Date: 10th. May 2006
Country: Norway
Location: Oslo
Concert arena: Rockefeller, Supporting SAGA (CAN)
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Concert review Heavy Metal (Norwegian) 


Date: 30th. April 2006
Country: USA
Location: Phoenixville Borough, Pennsylvania
Concert arena: Rites of Spring Festival
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Report Progressive World (English)
Festival report Meteornotes (English)
Review Music Street Journal (English)
Review by Progmontreal (English)

Some concert feedback:

..Magic Pie came out and blew the roof off...some of the best guitar palying the entire weekend

.....Magic Pie - the band of the weekend, no question. Played all of their Motions Of Desire album plus a new epic track. Very upbeat, accessible prog with a Spocks Beard/Flower Kings influence.

.....I was majorly impressed with their performance. As was everyone else in attendance. And the promoters too. Normally the opener gets a 75 minute set to play. But Magic Pie was so impressive, and was getting such a phenomenal response (multiple standing ovations), that the promoters extended their playing time by about 15 to 20 minutes. They deserved every ovation they received.

.....Wow!!!!!! What else can be said about their performance at Rosfest. If you have not yet purchased their cd, do yourself a favor and order it immediately.This band is the real deal.

.....Too often a band relies on overdubbing and studio effects
to record their cd, and cannot faithfully reproduce it live. I can gleefully state that Magic Pie is not one of them. They put on an absolutely lethal performance at Rosfest. Everything was reproduced to perfection.With no less than five people contributing to the vocals, they had some of the best harmonies I have ever heard live.The five part vocal section in the middle of their song "Change" sent shivers up my back.

.....They were the unabashed hit of the festival. The vox were incredible...their chops were tight as a drum...and they did the whole freaking album, too!

.....They alone were well worth the trip. That second album is a must get.



Date: 5th. April 2006
Country: Norway
Location: Moss
Concert arena: Klubb1
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