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Januar 2017
Update shops http://www.magicpie.net/kat/000022.asp
Links to Magic Pie streaming services at concert site
The winner of the Giveaway competition is announced
Several new photos from 2016 concerts

December 2016
Concert updates
Several updates during recent 6 month.
Please follow us at Facebook for the newest updates as well.

May 2016
Rosfest photos
Time schedule Night of the prog Festival Germany 17th July
Concert updates

March 2016
Headliner at Summers End on friday Sept. 30

January 2016
Concert updates
Link to Magic Pie YouTube channel updated

23rd August 2015
Vinyl release, New Info, concert updates, videoclips and images from concerts

24th March 2015

27th January 2015
Several updates & New concerts

2nd December 2014 - News
Sweden Prog Fest review and images

2nd July 2014
Concert i Stockholm

23rd June 2014
New management & booking contacts

13th May 2014 - Final vocal recordings

8th january 2014
News - Video teaser album #4

25th October
Several updates - Photos, Videos etc.

23rd oct 2013
Closed gig at Halden Fengsel (Jail)

September 2013:
Recording sessions for album #4 (Drums) at Halden Jail

10th June 2013
Sweden Rock Festival images and videos

26th September 2012
Erling Henanger - new man on keyboard/vocals

14th August 2012
Gilbert Marshall leaves the band
Album 4 is in progress

9th September 2011
Live clip from concert 20th August

28th July 2011
Review USA
Interview USA
Magazine front cover Germany and UK

16th May 2011
Video review from Live Prog (NL)

14th April 2011
Concert review Arendal (N)

23rd March 2011
Concert updates and New CD reviews

21th January 2011
CD reviews The Suffering Joy

10th January 2011
Listen to the music from The Suffering Joy

6th January 2011
Cancellation and changes for the release concert

22nd November 2010
Release date for The suffering joy album revealed

Release concert on January 27th

22nd July 2010
New SMS newsletter service

15th June 2010
The Suffering Joy T-shirts available

3rd June 2010
Concert reviews - Rosfest USA

22nd May 2010
New concerts

7th May 2010
Videos and Photos from Rosfest, USA and Fredrikstad, Norway

18th April 2010
New Press statement and Promoshot

15th April 2010
Concert in Norway, Fredrikstad 23rd April

12th March 2010
Rehearsal studio burned to the ground
Concert in Moss and Spain cancelled

18th January 2010
Concert in Spain

24th November 2009
Studio sessions (video)

14th November 2009
New studio images

23rd October 2009
Recording update and studio images

20th October 2009
Studio images
Todays special

21st August 2009
CD release early 2010

22nd June 2009
New Circus of Life review by Norwegian Dream Theater Fan Club

20th June 2009
Recording in progress
JT Gear update

15th May 2009
Magic Pie revealed as headliner for RosFest 2010 (USA)

7th January 2009
New images from Symforce concert

6th October 2008
Concert review from Holland

55th September 2008
New photos from UK concerts

28th August 2008
Symforce II concert
New photos from Holland

26th August 2008
Various feedback from Holland gig

18th August 2008
Queens Pub feedback

15th August 2008
Review in Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
Local newspaper article

13th August 2008
Forum closed down due to spamming

2nd July 2008
Subtacto concert is cancelled

27th June 2008
New concert

26th June 2008
New review from Brazil

19th June 2008
New distribution in USA

18th June 2008
New poster from SymforceII prog festival

25th May 2008
Italian review - Circus of life

9th May 2008
New concert - Subtacto, Oslo

28th April 2008
New review - Circus of life

25th April 2008
Support gig for Glenn Hughes at Smuget cancelled

29th March 2008
Interview Prog Wereld Netherlands (Dutch)

10th March 2008
Interview in TUNES (Norwegian Magazine)

9th March 2008
Concerts in UK

23nd february 2008
Concert in the Netherlands

19th february 2008
Interview in Sweden Rock Magazine #49 2008

15th February 2008
Progressive Rock Indie Artist of the Year 2007

28th January 2008
Supporting Glenn Hughes at Smuget
New press photo & Banner

30th December 2007
Images from Smuget
Newspaper articles

29th December 2007
Eirikur Hauksson new lead vocalist

12th December 2007
Top 10 in USA

3rd December 2007
Article about MP and Eirikur Hauksson in Moss Avis

22th November 2007
Images from concert in Sweden

8th November 2007
We are looking for another lead vocal singer

31th October 2007
Interview USA Progressive Music

30th October 2007
New French review - Circus of life 

23th October 2007
New concert images

20th October 2007
New Blogreview

4th October 2007
New concert in Sweden 

30th September 2007
New reviews - Circus of life

18th September 2007
Added link to more photos from Rosfest USA concert

8th September 2007
New live video clips

5th September 2007
New reviews - Circus of life
Updated general press statement

1st September 2007
New booking management

30th August 2007
Magic Pie Forum launched

15th August 2007
Concert review Subtacto & Queens Pub

9th - 14th August 2007
Images and review from Subtacto Festival

2nd August 2007
New concerts 
New poll

29th July 2007
New reviews - Circus of life

22nd July 2007
New Interview at Progplanet 
New reviews - Circus of life

13th July 2007
Subtacto concert moved to indoor hall

13th July 2007
New images from Sweden Rock concert

24th June 2007
New reviews - Circus of life
Concert reviews Sweden Rock

23th June 2007
New reviews - Circus of life 

22th June 2007
media - Other

20th June 2007
New concert review from Rosfest USA
New reviews - Circus of life
New Interview - Progressive Newsletter Germany

18th June 2007
New reviews - Circus of life

17th June 2007
Result for easteregg contest

17th June 2007
New reviews - Circus of life

13th June
New reviews - Circus of life

11th June 2007
Images from Sweden Rock

4th June 2007
Interview NRK Østfold (Norwegian June 2007)

28th May 2007
News - Magic Pie on Vinyl Record ?

28th May 2007
Intervju Sweden Rock Magazine 
Review Sweden Rock Magazine

24th May 2007
New reviews - Circus of Life

20th and 22nd May 2007
New reviews - Circus of Life

18th May 2007
New concert review from John Dee (HeavyMetal.no)

15th May 2007
New reviews - Circus of Life

13th May 2007
New reviews - Circus of Life

9th May 2007
New photos in Gallery and Concerts

6th May 2006
New reviews - Circus of Life

2nd May 2007
Concert reviews

18th April 2007
New concert at Sweden Rock Festival

11th April 2007
New wholesaler - Indie Distribution

10th April 2007
A couple of new images from studio

25th March 2007
Studioreport Heavy Metal

20th March 2007
New press fotos

9th March 2007
Release concert in Oslo 22nd. April

8th March 2007
Press fotos & logo

12th February 2007
Concert in Moss 17th March

5th February 2007
CD release and concerts in April

4th February 2007
A couple of new images from the studio
New gear Lars Petter

15th December 2006
New images from the studio

24th November 2006
Another review from Maiden concert

17th November 2006
New review from Maiden concert

15th November 2006
Interview by Music Street Journal

11th November 2006
3 live video-clips from a new song

25th October 2006
Buy single tracks for download

16th October 2006
Concert reviews from Motstøy festival

15th October 2006
New images to Gallery 

15th October 2006
New images and info at contact page

5th October 2006
Concert review from Maiden  

15th September
New CD reviews - Motions of Desire 

16th August 2006
Live concert video samples from Guthenburg

1th August 2006
Article in Modern Drummer Magazine

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