JT "On the move"

Name: Jan T. Johannessen (JT)
Country: Norway
Birth: 16th December 1960
Current band: Magic Pie (www.magicpie.no, www.facebook.com/magicpieband,


Practise for album #3

Recording for album #3 june 2009 (The set that burned)

Sweden Rock Festival 2007

I started playing drums some 45 years ago at the age of 9 listening to The Beatles "Revolution", and I have played continuously since. During the first years I couldn't afford a drumset so I played at anyting suitable including cardboard boxes stacked as a set. I bought my first set (Second hand Tama Swing star) at the age of 14. During the years I've played with all kind of bands like Janissary, bigband, jazz, blues, pop, latin, country, gospel, funk, rock and now progrock. Inspired by the great Santana I also played congas and percussion for a while. Educationally I have some private studies within classical music theory, music reading and snare drum techniques. 

Motstøy-festival 2006 (Norway)

During the first 15 years I played traditional grip as a result of the classical trainig and my jazz influence. I changed to matched grip when my music style turned towards funk, rock and progrock. My playing style is inspired by a wide variety of drummers within all kinds of music styles, but Buddy Rich, Ian Paice, Ginger Baker and Terry Bozzio would be my greatest influences, added by Mike Portnoy when I really got into progrock and double pedal work. Nevertheless Ian Paice and his snare drum work is probably the the most important and inspiring thing for me growing up in the 70's. The drum-ending of our song "Without knowing why" is a special tribute to Ian Paice from me by the way.. Hopefully I have developed a kind of my own playing style which also includes some small rudiments from all these great drummers.

Rehearsal in studio 2006

My main focus is our progrock band Magic Pie which launched the progrock album "Motions of Desire" in 2005 and the album "Circus of Life" in 2007. The recording drum session for our third album "The Suffering Joy" 2010was completed in june 2009. My drumwork is constantly focused on getting to a higher level to meet the requirements for the demanding progrock music we are playing. I'not a youngster anymore, but I'm a serious drum addict, and as I see it; "Music has no age limit":-) 

Slottsskogen Goes Progressive 2005 (Gothenburg, Sweden)

To be able to rehearse more at home, which nowadays is more or less every afternoon, I first put together my own kind of “quiet” drumset which I muffled as far as possible. Simple, but it did the job…
Then I invested in a Roland digital drumset. I strongly recommend all drummers in my situation (...daytime work and musician besides) to take advantage of what the digital drumworld has to offer. The sound is excellent and you can rehearse at home in the evening while the children is asleep, and your wife get to see you a lot more. (in theory… ;-)

For me it's also very important to play the acoustic drums as often as possible as this is my main gear at performances. The acoustic drums requires more fysical work by both hands and feet so this is of most importance.

To be able to practise more on acoustic drums at home, I have currently built myself a soundproof room. To optimise the sound dampening effect the project is based upon a "room in a room" construction, whereof the ceiling and the walls are completely separated from the initial room.

The whole construction rests upon a floating floor (30mm Insulation, floor plasterboard, 22mm chipboard) The walls and the ceiling materials are 2"x4" framework, 100mm insulation, 2 layers of plasterboard + 1 layer of fibreboard in between to make a "sound sandwich". In adition some materials for redusing the rooom acoustics is implemented (Chair, foam rubber matresses, pilllows. 1 extra layer of plasterboard is installed in the ceiling to minimize the sound upwards even more.

I'm not an expert, but the construction is based upon various kind of information from norwegian Sintef, sound forums, studiobuilders, and some personal adjustments.

The sound reduction is very satisfying. Almost 90% reduction of the sound outside, and about 80% inside the house. There is no longer a problem to practise on the drumset in the evening :-)

For drummers who have similar projects and might be interested, I've put out some photos of the building process. Please visit the links below: 

Drumroom photos (Photobucket)

Slideshow (Photobucket)

Drumroom photos (Facebook)

Image from soundproof "drumroom"

Besides the drumwork I also compose music (Both lyrics and music). When composing I'm using a Roland keyboard along with Protools Studio PC-program and the Roland digital set. For Magic Pie I usually make a CD with a draft of the song for the band's further arrangements and rehearsalwork. (Dream Vision at the CD "Motions of Desire" is my most recent published composition)

My goal with the drumming is to continuously become a better drummer, both tecnically but also musically to support Magic Pie the best possible way.

Progressive regards

Jan T. Johannessen

Magic Pie

Manager, economics, webmaster, marketing, booking






List of equipment:

A.   6,5"x14" Pearl Reference Snare / Crush 7"x14" Clear acrylic snare
B.   10"x8" Pearl Reference Tom
C.   12"x8" Pearl Reference Tom
C.   12"x9" Pearl Reference Tom
D.   14"x14" Pearl Reference Floor Tom
E.   16"x16" Pearl Reference Floor Tom
F.   22"x18" Pearl Reference Bass Drum

Additional 20"x16" Pearl Reference Bass Drum


All Sabian - 2xHihat, 2xRide, 3xCrash, 1xSplash, 1xMaxStax mid,

Tama, Pearl, Ddrum, Dixon

All Remo, Emperor + ambassador on snare

Vic Firth American Classic 5BN 
(Ahead 2B and Carbosticks for occationally practice and warmup)

Additional drums for practice:

Pearl Export Select (Mahogni Shells), Blue Mist
A  14"x5,5 Pearl Export Select
B. 10"x8" Tom
C. 12"x9" Tom
D. 14"x14" Floor Tom
E. 16"x16" Floor Tom
F. 16"x22" Bass Drum

Roland TD8-KV
The original TD8-KV Bass Drum pad is replaced with KD-8 Bass Drum Pad for more realistic feeling to acoustic bass drum. (Recommended !)
The TD8-KV Bass Drum is being used as a 4th tomtom.
Originally Hi-Hat PD-7 is exchanged with CY-12H V-cymbal Hi-Hat pad.
The PD-7 is being used as an extra effect cymbal placed between tom 2 and floor tom.
Vick Firth Headphones


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