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By Norwegian Magic Pie, Classic Rock meets Progressive Rock in a conglomerate of influences from the 70’s and from todays progressive scene.

The characteristic and unique Magic Pie sound is founded on strong melodious songs, blended by powerful vocal arrangements, sparkling guitar riffs, 70’s organ and synths, and solid bass-drumwork.
The music embraces a wide spectre of styles, changing from the softest emotional piece to the more heavy metal riffs.

Even if the band has it’s unique sound and signature, influences from Spocks Beard, Deep Purple, YES, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Flower Kings and Uriah Heep is perceptible in the musical “pie”.

The band was established in 2001 and consists of Kim Stenberg (guitars), Eirik Hanssen (lead vocals, acc. guitar), Erling Henanger (keyboards, lead vocals), Eirikur Hauksson (lead vocals,acc guitar), Lars Petter Holstad (bass guitar) and Jan T. Johannessen (drums).

Magic Pie signed with Swedish record label “Progress Records” in 2005 and released their first album “Motions of Desire” the same year. In 2007 they released their follow-up and second album “Circus of Life”. The third album “The Suffering Joy” was released in January 2011.

Magic Pie 4th album "King for a Day" was released 25th May 2015 by Magic Pie's new label Karisma Records.


MAGIC PIE started to take shape during autumn 2001. The members; Kim Stenberg (Guitars/Vocals), Gilbert Marshall (Keyboard/Vocals), Eirik Hanssen (Vocals), Jan Torkild Johannessen (Drums) & John "Mini" Kamphaug (Bass) came from a wide variety of musical background, each one previously playing in several bands and projects of different genres.
The band first started out playing cover-songs alongside a couple of their own material. After fooling around with the covers for a while, suggestions were made to cut them out completely and go for writing their own material. This proved to be a major turning point, and really set the band into work mode.

During 2001 - 2004,  John "Mini" Kamphaug was replaced with Lars Petter Holstad on bass, and Allan Olsen came onboard as the third lead vocalist - bringing a powerful voice to the table.
Intentions was to create a “progressive” sound texture in the spirit of the `70´s, and to blend musical tendencies from both back then and from today´s more modern progressive scene.
The common factor playing as the key and the link between all members, is the mutual love for listening to bands and artists a little to the “side” of what have been the mainstream rock trend in both the `80´s & `90´s, and of course the fact that the great musical “revolution” of the `70´s is firmly seated within all as no less than a fantastic source of inspiration.
Magic Pie never set out to make songs sounding like this and that, and was never interested in trying to copy someone else´s style and signature. Instead we have tried to extract the different musical/instrumental influences buried inside each member.

The debut album “Motions Of Desire” was released in 2005 and was very well received by both the public and the press.
This album really set Magic Pie on the map, and they became a household name for progfans around the world, with their blend of classic prog, 70´s hard rock and progressive metal.

They followed the success of "Motions Of Desire" and released their second album, "Circus of life"  in 2007.
They opted for a concept album, aiming to bring the heritage from the previous album a step further. "Circus Of Life" won several polls as "album of the year".

In 2011, Magic Pie released their third album "The Suffering Joy". Another concept album bringing the band a step upwards.
This was the first radical «change» in the musical expression introducing Eirikur Hauksson (Artch, Ken Hensley) as the new lead singer - replacing Allan Olsen.
The talented Icelandic/Norwegian singer brought a much needed frontman to the band and the album showed a more mature and cohesive Magic Pie, with perhaps a harder edge to it.

After the 3rd album, Magic Pie decided it was time for a another serious «change», both due to the fact that Gilbert Marshall left the band in 2012, and a desire and need for a wider horizon and footprint in the progressive rock segment. As a result Erling Henanger acquired the keyboards, and Magic Pie signed with the Norwegian company Karisma Records.

The 4th album “King For A Day” was then released in 2015, and by the new record company, the band also was able to finally release their first and long awaited Vinyl/LP.
The album was mixed and mastered by Rich Mouser (Neal Morse, Transatlantic, Spock´s Beard) to ensure the songs and overall sound would reach its full potential.
- Another big step for Magic Pie (and the listener).

The song "Trick Of The Trade" was chosen as the first single & video, and the album is praised among critics and fans as the strongest Magic Pie album to date.

With newcomer Erling Henanger on keyboard the band have never sounded as fit, whether it’s in the studio or live..

Present members
Kim Stenberg, Guitar/backing vocals, 2001 -
Eirik Hanssen - Accoustic guitar, lead/backing vocals, 2001 -
Jan Torkild Johannessen - Drums, Percussion, 2001 -
Lars Petter Holstad - Bass, Backing Vocals, June 2003 –
Eirikur Hauksson - Guitar, lead/backing vocals, December 2007 –
Erling Henanger – Synthesisers/Keyboards, backing vocals,  November 2012 -
Former members
Allan Olsen – Guitar, lead/backing vocals 2004 – Dec 2007
Gilbert Marshall – lead/backing vocals, Synthesisers/Keyboards 2001 – Aug 2012
John Kamphaug – bass guitar, backing vocals, 2001 – June 2003

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