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Russian review:

Sweden Prog Fest 2014 will be our first time ever in beautiful Stockholm!
Info & Tickets
Tickets are available from 8th. August at


We would really appreciate your votes for Cruise To The Edge 2015:

Status 3th October

23rd June 2014
Important updates for Magic Pie management & booking

Final vocal recordings

All drum recordings for album #4 are now on "tape"


Recent gig at Halden Fengsel (Jail) 23rd October

Recording is finally in progress for album #4...stay tuned for more updates

Moss and Sweden Rock Festival concerts is completed - Thanx for your support !

 NEW VIDEOS from SRF !                            

SRF Roadtrip
Pointless Masquerade
SRF Highlights

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Recent Concerts

Moss - Tivoli Amfi - Friday 31st May 22.00 - Sweden Rock Warm-up Gig

Taste Magic Pie on YouTube

Sweden Rock Festival - 5th June 17:15 - 18:15
Web & Tickets:
Headliners: Rush - Kiss - Europe

Interview prior to SRF ( - Swedish)

The work for the new album is still in progress, and the recordings are planned to start
during spring/summer 2013. Stay tuned and keep in touch on facebook for comments!

It is with great pleasure we announce that the hunt for a new keybord wizard is over!
After auditioning several skilled musicians, all the members of MAGIC PIE bonded with ERLING HENANGER and the new line-up is ready to start the new era of MAGIC PIE.
A new album is in writing and the band hope to get out there to show the fans what a fantastic musician they have found in ERLING!
Born in 1968 and living in Fredrikstad, Norway, ERLING HERNANGER plays most kinds of keys and come from a wide background of music in bands and theater.
ERLING also possesses a great voice and we are looking forward to start working with him.
Please join us in welcoming ERLING into the MAGIC PIE FAMILY!!!

Magic Pie at a glance.pdf

Listen to Magic Pie on YouTube

December 2005
Top 10 CD of 4th quarter 2005 
Motions of Desire among top 10 at Belgian Prog-Résiste 

26th November 2005
Top 100 CD of 2005 
Our Cd "Motions of Desire" has made Progressive Rock top 100 Discs of the Year Listeners poll at the Philadelphia progressive rock on FM radio
The CD will be featured tonight at 11:03PM Eastern time.

20th November 2005
New songs in the melting pot
We are working on new material, and a brief part of Stenbergs latest creation was presented at the concert in Moss 19th november. Hopefully they enjoyed the taste of the ingredient for a coming new pie...

12th October 2005
Local TV-interview
NRK TV Østfold Wednesday 12th October at 18:40
WEB-TV (Norwegian)
Brukernavn: erlingmidtstue 
Passord: 480602

8th october 2005
Interview by Swedish 

More interviews...

20th September 2005
Local TV-interview 22th September
TV-Østfold Thursday 22 September at 17:30, 18;30 and 23:15

16th September 2005
Magic Pie at Sweden Rock Festival 2006 ?
We are proposed as a potential artist for Sweden Rock Festival 2006. As one of many bands Norwegian Magic Pie has been picked as a potential artist for next years Sweden Rock Festival. We need your vote to become on of the 30 representative bands to the festival. 

Vote for Magic Pie here...

Download demo mp3 (Change) 

18th August 2005
Online netmeeting
at on monday 22th Norwegian time. You may read the feedback at this site.

6th july 2005
Record deal signed

We have signed a record deal with 
swedish ”Progress Records”. 
The Album “Motions of Desire” was re-released 22th july with an extended booklet (incl. lyrics) and remastered sound. 
Press release 

Wholesalers can buy Magic Pie from: 
Progress Records
(Record Label - Sweden)

The CD "Motions of Desire" is for sale at these locations

15th April 2005
CD Release
We have released our new full time CD.
All new recordings.


Pressrelease (pdf)
Image collage (pdf)

1.Change 20.05
2.Motions of Desire 06.32
3.Full Circle Poetry 14.15
4.Without Knowing Why 07.55
5.Illusion & Reality (Part 1) 10.18
6.Illusion & Reality (Part 3) - Final Breath 4.49
7.Illusion & Reality (Part 4) - Reprise 03.09
8.Dream Vision 7.50

Total time 74.57

19th march 2005
New full time demo CD release in April

8th november 2004
USA feedback
The feedback from several prog rock Internet radio stations in USA is very positive (and overwhelming..) We are now going to be playlisted at these Internet stations:

27th november 2004
Mexican demo review
Once again we have received a positiv review from our present demo CD. This time from Mexican Eufonia. Read more at our review site.

2th october 2004
New demo CD at work
We're workin' on a new demo CD release. The CD will come up for sale, and the songs from Illusion & Reality are being re-recorded for that matter. In addition there will be some new songs.

20th november 2004
New demo CD coming soon..
We're working hard to finish our new demo CD these days, and we aim to give you some fresh tunes a.s.a.p. 

7th september 2004
Additional singing force
During the recent weeks Allan Olsen has been rehearsing with the band to become a new member. He is well experienced as a singer, and we look forward to take advantage of an additonal singing force.

1th september 2004
Local gig
Our new song "Change" was presented live at the local "Klubb1" in the beginning of september.
Local article

19th june--2004
Concert in Oslo  Pictures from the concert
Friday 17. september 2004 we are playing at OsloProg04
More info and details at this site:
Article in Dagbladet 9/9-04

12th june 2004
New Guestbook
We have implemented a Guestbook.
Feel free to share your thoughts with other visitors. 

8th june -2004
New demo
New demo song; "Change" is now to be found at the Mp3 site. 
The song is temporary mixed, and comes with a new soundmix update during a few weeks.

Relocate to the gallery-site for images.

We have relocated to a new rehearsel spot at "Red Farm Studio", (Roed Farm, Jeløy), and new demo material is now being produced.

A brief local concert was accomplished in the beginning of March.


Our new bass player Lars Petter Holstad is in place. More info is to be found at our member pages.

Our bass guitar player; John "Mini" Kamphaug has "left our stage". "Thank you for the hard work you've put in, and we wish you every happiness with your new band "Johnny Judas & the Hellrazors."

We have already started rehearsals with a new bass guitar player, and we expect no delays in our progress.

Three demo songs was recently put on the radio-playlist at

Feel free to send an e-mail to Radio DJ and ask for Magic Pie.

Gilbert Marshall leaves the band
MAGIC PIE regret to inform that original keyboard player/singer/songwriter GILBERT MARSHALL has left the band.

There is no drama in Gilbert’s decision and he is leaving the band as a friend.
Gilbert has been in Magic Pie since the earliest formation of the band. As a keyboard wizard, excellent songwriter, a phenomenal singer and friend, Gilbert has been a vital part of creating the unique sound Magic Pie is known for.

Gilbert will be missed in the band - both by the other five guys and by friends and fans of the band.
Magic Pie will start the difficult hunt for a new band member shortly.

Gilbert says:
More... (8/14/2012)

Always stay tuned by QR-code More... (3/23/2012)

Poll results "The Suffering Joy"
No.1 Album at Sea of Tranqulity poll (USA)
No. 1  Album at (NL)
NO 1 Album 2011 at (S)
No. 2 Top 50 2011 The Richter Scale
More... (3/20/2012)

Images from the concert in Gothenburg 12th November More... (9/13/2011)

USA - Interview by Music Street Journal
More... (7/28/2011)

USA - The fantastic music of Magic Pie! Review by Music Street Journal
...fantastic vocal harmonies!....Plenty of soaring arpeggios flow in unison on the fine instrumental work, tightly flowing guitar phraseology, stellar keyboard and bass lines move swiftly and without flaw over some pretty incredible technical drum playing.
More... (7/28/2011)

UK / Germany - Magazine front covers
Magazine front covers on Classic Rock Society, UK and Just for kicksmusic, Germany
More... (6/28/2011)

Live Prog (NL) Video review The Suffering Joy - "Amazing..."


CD Review Tarkus (N) - "Smashing"
Magic Pie has probably delivered one of the best (yes, even though we've only got until March!) Norwegian releases, and The Suffering Joy will probably end up on the top list of symphonic prog slices for all progressive journals and web sites when the year will be rounded off. In other words, SMASHING!

Magic Pie har trolig levert en av årets beste (ja, selv om vi bare har kommet til mars!) norske utgivelser, og The Suffering Joy vil trolig ende opp på topplisten over symfoniske progskiver for samtlige progressive tidsskrifter og nettsteder når året skal rundes av. Med andre ord; KNALL!


More... (3/23/2011)

CD Review Prog-Nose (NL) Rating 10 / 10
...This is one of the best releases of recent years in the progressive landscape.

Laten we maar meteen met de deur in huis vallen, dit is één van de beste releases van de laatste jaren in het progressieve landschap.

More... (3/19/2011)

CD Review Scream Magazine (N) Rating 6 / 6

... "so this band actually gives me a feeling of total euphoria .... such a delicate, clever and wonderful album, you will not find on this side of the millennium. The first and clearest six"

..."så gir faktisk dette bandet meg en følelse av total så delikat, kløktig og herlig album finner du ikke på denne siden av årtusenskiftet. Årets første og klareste sekser"

More... (3/19/2011)

CD Review Progarchives - Rating 5 / 5
 ...the band is one of the most musically gifted out there. Add in a terrific production with a professional sound, and you have one of the most aesthetically pleasing prog rock albums in recent memory...the only thing anyone needs to gather from this review can be summed up in one word - MASTERPIECE!

More... (3/18/2011)

CD Review Dutch Progressive Rock Page (NL) - Rating 8 / 10
...This is another impressive release from Stenberg and co. demonstrating their acute ability to blend a variety of styles (albeit mostly in a prog vein) into an entertaining whole...Like the two previous Magic Pie releases this comes highly recommended.

More... (2/23/2011)

CD Review PULS (N)
"...Et strålende album...tekniske ferdigheter himmelshøyt over gjennomsnittet...bredde og melodiske teft...."

"..A brilliant album...Technical skills sky-high above the average...width and melodic scent..."

More... (2/22/2011)

CD Review - Das Schweizer Progressive Rock Portal - Rating 4,5/5
"...Wow! Jaw down and take a deep breath.....By The Suffering With Joy the Norwegians have achieved a major breakthrough...Two thumbs up"


"...Wow! Kinnlade runter und mal tief durchatmen...Mit The Suffering Joy ist den den Norwegern ein grosser Wurf gelungen...Beide Daumen hoch."

More... (2/14/2011)

CD Review Official Israeli Dream Theater fanclub Rating 9/10
..Although we are just at the beginning of the year, I have no doubt that this is one of the best albums you'll hear in 2011 a....another masterpiece..."

טורחים לחדש עם השפעות פרוג מודרניות (ניאו פרוג ופרוג מטאל) והכל עם סאונד מודרני
השנה, אין לי ספק שמדובר באחד מהאלבומים הטובים ביותר שתשמעו ב-2011 ואני מקווה שכל מי שקורא את
הסקירה ירכוש את האלבום כי מגיעים לנו עוד אלבומי מופת גם בעתיד

More... (2/14/2011)

CD Review Mały Leksykon Wielkich Zespołów (PL)
..."the band actually knows how to create a really decent progrock level....."The Suffering Joy" is a very successful album"...unique in its class..."

„The Suffering Joy” jest więc naprawdę udanym albumem. Dla części odbiorów może być to wyjątkowa rzecz, do której ze sporą przyjemnością będą wracać. Nie da się jednak ukryć, że dla wielu innych może okazać się ona substytutem poprzedniego wydawnictwa Magic Pie, lub na odwrót. Na pojawianie się dzieła równie dobrego, ale w swojej klasie wyjątkowego, trzeba będzie poczekać, trzymając przy tym kciuki, oby tym razem Norwegom nic niefortunnego nieoczekiwanie nie stanęło na drodze.

More... (2/10/2011)

CD Review Eternal Terror (N) Rating 5.5 / 6
..."Magic Pie has done it again, and delivers the natural follow up to "Circus Of life", following the same wonderful path, but without repeating themselves one single second...The music of Magic Pie just makes me incredible happy and in a great mood...."

More... (2/10/2011)

CD Review Prog-mania (F) Rating 5/5
A sense of enthusiasm comes from listening to this album. This feeling is generated by a permanent rainbow notes and variations which intersect, collide, move apart, converge, disperse ... the whole forming a perfectly mastered blend, which recreates a style without ever being tempted by the facility. Recommented !

Un sentiment d’enthousiasme émane de l’écoute de cet album. Ce sentiment est généré par un arc en ciel permanent de notes et de variations qui se croisent, s’entrechoquent, s’éloignent, se rejoignent, se dispersent… le tout formant un amalgame parfaitement maitrisé, qui réinvente un style sans jamais se laisser tenter par la facilité.

More... (2/6/2011)

CD Review Metal Is The Law (POR) Rating 9,5/10
O quase impecável "The Suffering Joy" não se mostra apenas um bom álbum, mas sim um enorme passo na carreira do Magic Pie, que com músicos competendes e grandes composições tem tudo para se tornar um dos principais nomes da música progressiva atual.

The almost flawless "The Suffering Joy" not only shows a good album, but a huge step in the career of Magic Pie, who with great compositions and musicians competendes has everything to become a leading name in progressive music today

More... (2/3/2011)

CD Review Prog Archives (CAN & Various) Rated 5/5
..."Well I have to admit that Magic Pie with their new album "The Suffering Joy" has come as something of a surprise to me....this is one great find for me and I can certainly recommend the album"...."you have here a true masterpiece!

More... (2/2/2011)

CD Review Sea of Tranquility (USA) Rating 5/5
..."There's a reason why Norway's Magic Pie have been hailed as one of the greatest progressive rock bands of the modern era. Yes, they are that damn good."


Magic Pie interview (USA)
MAGIC PIE interview- with new vocalist  Eirikur Hauksson ( Eric )
"Our journey has just began.  There is so much left to say and play and we want to do just that in your hometown.  And if we stick to our plan - we will have Magic Pie nr. IV already next year... be prepared !"
More... (1/30/2011)

CD Review Progwereld (NL) - Additional Interview
..."The long wait has been rewarded with a very strong third album that proves that Magic Pie can compete with the very best of (prog)rockbands."

..."Het lange wachten is beloond met een zeer sterk derde album waarmee Magic Pie zich vanaf nu met de top (prog)rockbands mag meten."


CD Review USAprogressivemusic (USA) - Rating 9/10
..."The Suffering Joy was a long time coming, but is every bit worth the wait. With this album Magic Pie could (and should!) move beyond being the band to watch to being the band that sets the standard. The holidays are over, the diet can wait, we should have another piece of The Pie!" 


CD Review Metal Express radio (N) - Rating 9/10
..."the album is finally out and it has definitely been worth the wait." "If you're a Progressive Rock fan, you'd be a fool not to check out The Suffering Joy.


Article and CD Rewiew Fredrikstad Blad (N) Rating 5/6
..."Godt plassert i de dypeste prog-rock skoger - tenk King Crimson, Pink Floyd, og mer polerte Porcupine Tree, med gode doser klassick rock alla Iron Maiden og Deep Purple..."
Complete review (N)  Article (N) 

CD Review Local Press Rating 5/6
..."Jeg synes «The suffering joy» nærmer seg en rockeopera og er et virkelig helstøpt album. Det er ingen tvil om at mossingene med sin vokalist Eirikur Hauksson fra Fredrikstad, tilhører elitedivisjonen i sin klasse."
..."I think "The suffering joy" approaching a rock opera and is a really unified album. There is no doubt that with his vocals Mossing Eirikur Hauksson from Fredrikstad, belong to the elite division in its class."

..."Det går rett og slett et "RUSH" gjennom kroppen - Et musikalsk kinderegg"
..."A "RUSH" through the body - a musical "Kinder egg"

More... (1/25/2011)

Listen to the music !
Release party at Queens, Moss, Norway friday 21st. January  
An acoustic concert, Pre-sales and listening.
Join the celebration. Free entrance  !                                                                    
Release of album 24th January ! (Reviews)
Read more to listen to promos:

Cancellation and changes for the Release Concert
Sadly Magic Pie have to cancel the official release concert at John Dee, Oslo Thursday 27th January. One of the band members has a nasty spinal disc prolapse AND has a broken leg as well, hence the planned concert is impossible to achieve. Note: New concert 10th April and local release party 21th January is confirmed.
More... (1/6/2011)

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