Acoustic main drums: Pearl Reference (Purple Craze)

With rack:

A.   6,5"x14" Pearl Reference Snare
B.   10"x8" Pearl Reference Tom
C.   12"x8" Pearl Reference Tom
C.   12"x9" Pearl Reference Tom
D.   14"x14" Pearl Reference Floor Tom
E.   16"x16" Pearl Reference Floor Tom
F.   22"x18" Pearl Reference Bass Drum

Additional 20"x16" Pearl Reference Bass Drum


All Sabian - 2xHihat, 2xRide, 3xCrash, 1xSplash, 1xMaxStax mid,

Tama, Pearl, Ddrum, Dixon

All Remo, Emperor + ambassador on snare

Vic Firth American Classic 5BN 
(Ahead 2B and Carbosticks for occationally practice and warmup)

Some more drums...
Practise for album #3

Additional drums for practice:

(Replaced by new cymbals 2010 after the fire - all Sabian)

Pearl Export Select (Mahogni Shells), Blue Mist

A. 14" x 5,5 Snare
B. 10"x8" Tom
C. 12"x9" Tom
D. 14"x14" Floor Tom
E. 16"x16" Floor Tom
F. 16"x22" Bass Drum

Roland TD8-KV
The original TD8-KV Bass Drum pad is replaced with KD-8 Bass Drum Pad for more realistic feeling to acoustic bass drum. (Recommended !)
The TD8-KV Bass Drum is being used as a 4th tomtom.
Originally Hi-Hat PD-7 is exchanged with CY-12H V-cymbal Hi-Hat pad.
The PD-7 is being used as an extra effect cymbal placed between tom 2 and floor tom.
Vick Firth Headphones 

JT Beyond Appearance  (Personal website)

JT "On The Move"



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